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Some Transactions: 

21 Four Winds Dr XX (North York)

16 Harrison Garden Blvd XXXX(North York)

XX Pauline Crt (Vaughan)

4001 Don Mills Rd XXXX(North York)

xx Bergen Rd(Scarborough)

 XX Pharmcy xx(Scarborough)

XX Castleford Dr(Scarborough)

XX Bead Fernway(North York)

XX Ellendale Dr(Scarborough)

XX Chipwood Cres (North York)

XX  Chevron Cres  (Scarborough)

XXX Bethany Leigh Dr (Scarborough)

XX Duxford Cres (Markham)

XXX Larksmere Crt (Markham)

4091 Sheppard XXXX (Scarborough)

 XXXX Northtown Way xxxx (North York)

XXX Midland Ave (Scarborough)

27 Four Winds Dr  XX (North York)

XX Lyme Regis Cres

XX Heaslip Terr (Scarborough)

28 Pemberton Ave XXXX (North York)

381 Front St XXXX (Downtown)

XXX Sexton Cres (North York)

XX Pond Fernway (North York)

28 Harrison Garden XXXX(North York)

XX Ray Street (Markham)

24 Fundy Bay Blvd XX(Scarborough)

XXX Tower Dr(Scarborough)

XX Ravenrock Crt (North York)

18 Lee Centre Dr XXX(Scarorough)

20 Olive Ave XXXX (North York)

XXX Pharmacy Ave XX (Scaroborough)

2460 Eglinton Ave XXX(Scaroborough)

XXXX Pharmacy Ave X (Scaroborough)

2460 Eglinton   XXXX (Scarborough)

18  Lee Centre XXX (Scarborough)

1 Lee Centre XXX (Scarborough)

8937 Yonge (Richmond Hill)  

61 Town Centre Court XXXX (Scarborough)

16 HARRISON  XXXX (North York)

xx Southdal ()   

xx Chevron (Mississauga)   

28 Olive XXXX (North York)

555 Yonge XXXX (Downtown)

238 Doris XXXX (North York)

XX Coburg    (Richmond Hill)

XX Lauraview (Markham)

XX Collahie (Mississauga)  

XX Peninsula Cres     (Richmond Hill)

XX Ponymill (Scarborough) 

XXXX Warden (Scarborough)

XX Water Wheelway (North York)

XX Belsay  Crt(Mississauga)

71 Cass  Ave XXX (Scarborough)

XX Navaho (North York)   

5 Northtown  Way XXXX (North York)

XX Nearwood Gate () 

XXXX Duford Dr     (Markham)

23 Hollywood XXXX(North York)

2460 Eglinton   XXXX (Scar)

7 Bishop ave   XXXX(North York)

XXX Easter Ave(Downtown)

46 Water Wheelway XX(North YORK)

XX Peninsula Cres(Richmond Hill)

XX Ponymill Dr(Scarborough)

XX Hildenbro  Sq(Scarborough)

XX Painswick Cre(North YORK)

xx Chloe Cres(Markham)

28 Sommerset Way XXXX   (North YorK)

XX Hiawatha(Downtown)

XX Courville Coachway  (North York)

XXX Hollyberry(North York)

XX Candlebrook(Richmond Hill)

61 Town Centre Court XXXX(Scarborough)

XX Chiefswood Sq(North York)

XX Painswick Cre(North York)

XX  Chestertown Sq(Markham)

2460 Eglinton   XXXX(Scarborough)

XX Weatherstone Cres(North York)

XX Holsworthy Cres(Markham)

XX Red Oak(Richmond Hill)

 XX  Marcelline Cres(North York)

18 Sommerset XXXX(North YORK)

23 Hollywood Ave XXXX   (North York)

EQ2 XXXX(Scarborough)

XXX Victoria Street(North York)

XX Kerbar Rd(Scarborough)

XX Maplegrove(Markham)

King Towns XXXX

XXXX  King Street(Downtown Toronto)

XXXX Victoria Park(North York)

104 George Henry Blvd XX(North York)

160 Alton Towers Cir XXX(Scarborough)

XX Teddington Ave(Markham)

XX Weatherstone Cre (North York)

XXX Empress(North York)

88 Alton Tower XXXX(Scar)

28 Olive XXXX (North York)

145 Clareport Cres XX()


650 Queens Quay Blvd XXXX(Downtown )

XX Holsworthy Cres (Markham)

XX Richard Daley Dr ()

10 Navy Whar Court XXXX(Downtown Toronto)

151 L'Amoreauxdr XX(Scarborough)

XX Anita Dr(Markham)

28 Empress Ave XXXX(North York)

XX Didrickson Dr(North York)

XXX Viscount Dr(Markham)

28  Rosebank  Dr(Scarborough)

XXX Brock Ave(Downtown)

XX Preakness Dr(North York)

XX Kerbar Rd (Scarborough)

60 Disera Dr XXX  (Markham)

10 Navy Whaft Court XXXX(Downtown Toronto)

1 Pemperton XXX(North York)

XXXX Fieldgate (Mississauga)

83 Mondeo Dr XXX(Scarborough)

 1 Pemperton XXX(North York)

260 Doris XXX(North York)

XX Glenbrook (Markham)

XX Castledene Cres ()

7 Bishop XXX(North York)

106 Chester XX (Scarborough)

XX Axsmith Cres(North York)

671 Huntingwood Dr XX(Scarborough)

5500 Yonge Street XXX(North York)

XX Cassandra Cres (Richmond Hill)

XX  St.patrick steet (Downtown)

XXX Courville Coachway(North York)

XX  Macgregor Ave (Markham)

XXX Richard Daley Dr

151 Townsgate Dr XX (Markham)

5039 Finch Ave XXX(Scarborough)

152 St.Patrick Street XXXX (Downtown)

XX Lady Churchill Crt(Scarborough)

XXX Yonge Street    (North York)

Aria XXXX   (North York)

XXXX Council Ring Rd(Mississauga)

XXX Empress Ave North(North York)

XX Loweswater Ave (Markham)

XX Thatcher's Mill Way(Markham)

8 Mondeo XXX(Scarborough)

XXX Shipka (Mississauga) 

XX Saddlewood Crt (Markham)

8 Rosebank Dr XX(Scarborough)

XX Turnberry Cres(Markham)

XX Queensborough Crt (Markham)

XX Watson Dr(Barrie)

XXX The Bridle Walk(Markham)

XXX Mirama Dr(Markham)

Centro XXXX (Scarborough)

XXX Carnwath Cres (North York)

XX  Nootka Cres

XX  Marinier Terrace XXXX (Downtown)

686 Warden Ave XX (Scarborough)

19 Barberry Place XXX  (North York)

XX Bickerton Cres XXX(North York)

Eq 2 XXXX   (Scarborough)

XX Nootka Cres XXX(North York)

XX Shawnee Sir(North York)

165 Cherokee Boulevard XXX(North York)

13 Sudury Street XXXX(Downtown)

Emerald City xxx(North York)

2351 Kennedy Rd XXX(Scarborough)

270 Plmdale Drive XXX(Scarborough)

160 Palmdale Dri XXX(Scarbororough)

55 Bamburgh Circle XXXX(Scarborough)

Gibson Sq XXXX

xx Rayoak Dr

85 East Liberty st XXXX(Downdown Toronto)

3 Navy Wharf Crt XXXX(Downtown Toronto)

XXXX Estelle Ave(North York)

35 Mariner Teer XXXX(Downtown Toronto)

3740 Don Mills Rd XXXX(North York)

XXXX  Lyndhurst Dr(Markham)

Pace XX01 (Downtown Toronto)

Pace XX09(Downtown Toronto)

XXX Garnish Green (Markham)

5500 Yonge St xxx(North York)

2020 Pharmacy xx( Scarobough)

XXXX Lavoline ( Milton)

XXXX Eastwood Cres (Markham)

 XXX Moraine Hill Dr (Scarborough)


XXXX Elmfield Cres (Scarobough)


XXX Kerbar (Scarborough)

5791 Yonge XXXX(North York)

XXXX Mcnicoll Ave (North YorK)

XXX CASA  XXX (  Downtown Toronto)

XXXX  William  Poole  Way (North  York)

XXX X  Dudley Ave  (  North  York)

XXX CASA  XXXX  (Downtown Toronto)

XXX  York  Mills (North  York)

XXX  CASA XXX (Downtown  Toronto)

25  Telegram   Mews XXXX( Downtown  Toronto)

Emerald  City 1-xxxx(North  York)

Centro  South 25XX (Downtown Toronto)

XXX Timberank Boulevard(Scarobough)

Aria ll XXX 9 (  North  York)

XXX  Bishop Ave ( North  York)

29 Rosebank Dr XXX(Scar)

33 Bay St  XXX(Downtown  Toronto)

XXXConcord Ave(Downtown Toronto)

238 Bonis Ave XXXX(Toronto)

xxx Courville  Coachway (North York)

330 Alton Towers XXX(Scar)

20  Olive Ave  XX (North  York)

18 Sommerset Way  xxx(North  York)

xx Hallam St (Downtown Toronto)

xx Homedale Dr ( Scar)

25 Bamburgh Cir XXXX(Scar)

5500 Yonge St XXX(North  York)

Aria  Phase 11  (North  York)

Centro  Condo (Scar)

5791 Yonge St xxxx(North  York)

3740  Don Mills xxx(North  York)

3 Navy Wharf  Crt XXX(Downtown T)

XXX Lyndhurst Dr (Markham)

33 Mariner Ter xxx( Downtown  T)

xxx Estelle Ave (Toronto)

XX  Treasure Rd (Vaughan)

XX  Lee Ave (Markham)

38  Lee Center  XXX(Scar)

55 Bremner XXXX(Downtown T)

xxxBisshop Ave (North  York)

XXX Snapdragon ( North York)

XX Garnish Green( Markham)

11 Lee CentreXXX(Scar)

1 Rean XXX(North  York)

XXX Mallingham (North York)

XXX Banbury (North York)

XXXShropshire Dr ( Scar)

XXX William Pooleway (North York)

XX  Olive XXX(North York)

335 Driftwood XXX(Toronto)























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